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To strengthen regional stability and ensure better management of migration in Cameroon.


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  • Funding Goal 20,000,000.00
  • Funds Raised €20,000,000
  • Days to go 848
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(Programme for the economic and social development of secondary cities exposed to instability factors)

To strengthen regional stability and ensure better management of migration in Cameroon.

To strengthen the capacity of secondary cities to cope with crises, receive new arrivals and promote an environmentally-friendly inclusive communal socio-economic development.

The action will be carried out in the Far North, North, Adamawa, East and South regions.

Municipalities, the population.

  • Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance ( FEICOM)
  • Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (kfW) through the European Union delegation for its management

72 months (from 1st November 2018 to 31st October 2024)

Total cost: 20,000,000 EUR (CFA 13,119,140,000 francs)

EU contribution (11th EDF resources): 20,000,000 EUR

“The action mainly concerns reception areas for refugees, internally displaced persons and other migrants in Cameroon characterised by high pressure on available resources, cohabitation of indigenous and migrant populations and the risk or even the outbreak of social conflicts. In a bid to strengthen the reception capacity and resilience of towns serving as preferred destinations for migrants and centres of emerging social conflicts, the action will support 15 secondary cities (cities with a population of between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants) in the North, East and South regions of Cameroon by constructing public infrastructure. These infrastructures will contribute both to improving the living environment and the economic opportunities of the local populations. They will also allow for the promotion of urban social peace as well as the socio-economic development of the secondary cities so that they may evolve towards real secondary economic growth poles. PRODESV’s focus on the highly labour intensive (HIMO) approach in the construction as well as the operation / maintenance of infrastructure will have direct effects on local jobs. The highly labour-intensive approach will be qualitative as it will include initial training courses on professional gestures and attitudes for vulnerable and fragile young people. Offering technical and vocational training or refresher courses to the young refugees or locals who fulfil the necessary prerequisites will create lasting skills for these target groups.  Building the capacities of the city administrations, SMEs and workers has also been envisaged. Following a participatory and transparent identification process, certain types of infrastructure promoted under this action will be put in place and they shall contribute to resilience of the localities to climate change. Strengthening the capacities of the municipalities to better manage crises will generate positive impacts on the resilience of cities to climate change. To achieve a rapid impact, emergency measures will also be funded in the targeted cities under the action.

Result / outcome 1: Public infrastructure that promote the socio-economic development of secondary cities are built, operated, maintained in a sustainable manner and used by the populations of the host communities and migrants.

Result / outcome 2: Local jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities are created in connection with the construction, operation and use of the infrastructure constructed in the secondary towns. 

Result / outcome 3: The professional skills of the refugees, internally displaced persons and other migrants as well as those of their host communities are strengthened.

Result / outcome 4: The capacities of the administrations of secondary cities to manage the infrastructures put in place and to manage emergent urban crises and conflicts are strengthened.

Result / outcome 5: The capacities of FEICOM staff to actively backstop all aspects of the implementation of PRODESV, as well as other similar projects within the framework of its mandate, are strengthened.

Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance ( FEICOM) 


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