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To improve Cameroon’s competitiveness by strengthening the capacities of its economic operators and by promoting a more business-friendly institutional …


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(Competitiveness Support Facility for Cameroon)

To improve Cameroon’s competitiveness by strengthening the capacities of its economic operators and by promoting a more business-friendly institutional environment that will enable stakeholders to secure greater benefits from trade liberalisation, including the benefits resulting from the implementation of the EPA, thereby stimulating economic growth and creating decent jobs

(i) To improve the competitiveness of enterprises;

(ii) To improve the business climate; and 

(iii) To improve the standardisation and energy efficiency of enterprises.

The 10 regions of Cameroon

The Cameroonian population in general and companies, clusters, technology hubs, business incubators, start-ups and intermediary organisations in particular.

Establishment of a Programme Management Unit (indirect management): long-term technical assistance and mobilisation of short-term expertise. A contribution agreement is planned with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for the extension of the on-line business registration system.

48 months (4 years) as from 25 July 2018

CFA 6 billion 559 million francs (10 million euros

The Programme is structured into three components: (i) Support to businesses, (ii) Improving the business climate, (iii) Standardisation and energy efficiency. 

Component 1: Support to businesses 

Activity 1.1: Direct technical support to businesses to improve their business plans, production apparatus / management tools (including the “green” approach) and enhance their capacity to search for and obtain funding (including under the External Investment Plan).

Activity 1.2: Technical support to intermediate organizations to improve their service offer to businesses and enhance their capacity to dialogue with public authorities.

Activity 1.3: Technical support for the organization of each professional branch and sector of the private sector in order to develop value chains

Activity 1.4: Feasibility study of the innovation funds / financing mechanism

Activity 1.5: Specific support for the creation of clusters, start-ups and business incubators

Component 2: Improvement of the business climate 

Activity 2.1: Technical support for the preparation and implementation of public-private dialogue within the framework of the Cameroon Business Forum and follow-up of adopted recommendations  

Activity 2.2: Conduct of technical studies in different areas to improve the business climate   

Activity 2.3: Production of a “white paper” on the private sector to pool together the operators in each sub-sector

Activity 2.4: Technical support for the computerisation of administrative procedures

Activity 2.5: Prolongation of on-line registration of companies on other sites (3 regions)

Component 3: Standardisation and energy efficiency 

Activity 3.1: Support for the implementation of the National Standardisation Strategy (2018-2022)

Activity 3.2: Technical support for the preparation of the framework law on quality

Activity 3.3: Support for the implementation of the water and energy Action Plan for the electricity sector

Activity 3.4: Energy audits and direct support to companies to enable them optimise their energy consumption and improve their competitiveness. 

Activity 3.5: Support to enterprises to enable them prepare projects that can benefit from guarantee-type financing under the External Investment Plan (window 1).

Component 1: Support to businesses

R 1.1. The capacities of selected enterprises and other structures are strengthened in the area of organisation and management, production, technological and competitive intelligence, marketing, local collective approaches (clusters), innovation, research for and obtaining financing;

R 1.2. The supply of supportive services to enterprises/start-ups/clusters by intermediate organisations is improved;

R 1.3. The access of enterprises and start-ups to finance is facilitated

Component 2: Improvement of the business climate

R 2.1. Public-private dialogue is strengthened through a better structured framework

R 2.2. Organizations representing the private sector jointly define, advocate and monitor their priorities for improving the business climate

R 2.3. The Cameroon business Forum (CBF) produces relevant recommendations in line with private sector priorities

R 2.4. The implementation of CBF recommendations is monitored and supported

Component 3: Standardisation and energy efficiency 

R 3.1. The National Standardisation Strategy (2018-2022) is implemented. 

R 3.2. The water and energy action plan is implemented. 

R.3.3 The awareness of the productive sector is raised on energy efficiency and the energy costs incurred by companies are reduced.

Special Fund for Equipment and Inter-municipal Intervention (FEICOM)


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