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To contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law and democratic governance in…


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Active Citizenship Strengthening Programme for Cameroon

To contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law and democratic governance in
Cameroon through the promotion and consolidation of citizenship defined as the
full recognition of the status of individuals as citizens enjoying all their civil and
political rights.

  1. To strengthen the access of the population to improved civil status services;
  2.  To strengthen the role of Cameroonian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)
    in democratic governance and public affairs management at the national
    level, particularly those working in the priority sectors of the Cameroon-EU

The 10 regions of Cameroon.


-Direct grants to BUNEC and NCHRF;
– Establishment of a Programme Management Unit (indirect management):
technical assistance and mobilisation of short-term expertise.

48 months (4 years) as from 24 January 2017

CFA 6 billion 641 million francs (10,125,000 euros)
UE contribution (11th EDF resources: CFA 6 billion 559 million francs (10 million
Counterpart contribution of Cameroun CFA 82 million francs (125,000 euros)

The main areas of intervention of PROCIVIS are broken down into two

components: The civil status and the civil society.
The “Civil Status" component:
1. Conducting a national awareness campaign on the civil status (campaigns
through posters, radio and television stations, cinema, telephone operators alongside
the sensitisation of hospitals, schools, MINPROFF vocational training centres,
courts, Parliament, etc.);
2. The national civil status registration campaign;
3. Building the capacity of the actors of the civil status system;
4. Support for the functioning of the civil registration system;
5. Support for the establishment of regional platforms on the civil status;
6. Support for interoperability between the civil registration system and other


The “Civil Society” component:
7. Establishment of a civil society facility;
(Accompany civil society organizations and build their capacities)
8. Support to pilot actions conducted by the Civil Society;
9. Support to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation
in its mission of overseeing the activities of non-profit making associations,
organizations and movements.
10. Support to the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms
(observatory, capacity building of human rights focal points, training/coaching of
CSOs on human rights).

The “Civil status” component

 R1 There is an increase in the demand for civil registration services with users
becoming more demanding;
 R2: The provision of civil registration services and the use of related data
comply with international and regional standards and guidelines;
 R3 The coordination of the interventions and actors of the civil registration
sector is strengthened.
The “Civil Society” Component:
–  R1 The action capacities of Cameroonian civil society organizations as well as
relations between the civil society and State structures are durably strengthened,
particularly in the areas targeted by the Cameroon – European Union
– R2: The legal framework governing civil liberties and the activities of CSOs is
uniformly applied; reforms aimed at updating this legal framework are


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